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tire storage

let us store your tires

TrilliTires makes it easy to store your tires and saves valuable garage space. You can save time and effort by not having to move your tires around every time a changeover is required.

Unlike many other shops, garages, and dealerships we do not outsource the storage of your tires and keep it solely in-house. Our climate-controlled facility is able to store all tires with 24-hour surveillance and security.

No hidden fees and 100% customer satisfaction.

$100 +HST / season

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the proper storage conditions such as temperature, tires can last up to 6 years in storage facilities.

Oils and resins are added to the rubber during manufacturing to keep tires moist. These oils and resins can only be activated when the tire is in motion. Tires that have been sitting for a long time (such as those in storage) are more likely to develop dry rotting.

If conditions allow, it is recommended to store tires vertically rather than stacking them horizontally to reduce stress and tire distortion.

A normal level of air loss is 1-3 psi per month. However, you should still check your inflation rates frequently and re-inflate tires as needed. Check the driver-side door for your manufacturer’s default psi level.

let us store your tires and save space

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