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Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment service in richmond hill

Your vehicle’s wheels are vital to safety and performance. They must be maintained in top condition. It is equally important to have your tires aligned on a regular basis. A good wheel alignment is essential for a car that drives safely and efficiently.

Your tires can become bald and uneven if they are not aligned on a regular basis. This can reduce their effectiveness, making them unsafe on the road. Improper alignment can also lead to your tires wearing faster and will require you to spend more money to have them replaced more often.

These are some indicators that will let you know if your vehicle is in need of a wheel alignment. If you are unsure if it is time to align your vehicle, these are some questions to ask:

Three things are important to be aware of when your mechanic checks your wheel alignment.

    This refers to the inward or outward angle of the wheel viewed from the front.
     A vehicle with too much tilt or inward is likely to need alignment.
  • TOE
    This indicates how far your wheels turn inward or outward from the top.
     A problem is a too-large turn inwards or outwards.
    The caster angle is used to balance stability, steering, and cornering.
     This is the angle at which your wheels are viewed from the side.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A front (two-wheel) or 4-wheel alignment is dependent upon vehicle’s make and model. Some vehicles only have front adjustability. Front-end alignments will include adjustments for caster, camber, and toe. A 4-wheel alignment is required if the vehicle has rear and front adjustability. For all-wheel-drive models with independent suspensions, this is usually required.

A 4-wheel or AWD wheel alignment is crucial to ensure that your vehicle handles well in all weather conditions. The price difference between a front and four-wheel alignment is not very significant.

Alignment machines use computer readings and measurements to adjust and position various components of the suspension system. Your wheels will align themselves and fall into place by adjusting the angles and suspension parts. The machine will proceed with making minor adjustments until the digital reading shows an acceptable reading.

There is no set rule about how often a vehicle should require a wheel alignment service. It’s easy to see when a vehicle is not in alignment while moving. Different driving conditions may require more frequent alignment service. Vehicles that typically drive on dirt roads and poor conditioned roads may require to visit the mechanic shop more often. The recommendation is for vehicles to be aligned approximately every two to three years.

We also highly recommend an alignment service right after purchasing new tires.

Although it is important to align your tires, your vehicle’s safety will not be affected by poor alignment. Poorly aligned wheels can lead to difficulty in handling which can be treacherous in extreme driving conditions.

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