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Auto Services

Taking your vehicle into our care


Tire Changeover

Whether it's for a seasonal changeover or a simple tire replacement, we have the right tools to professionally change your tires any time of the year.

Flat Tire Repair

Flat tires can be very inconvenient. If you can't fix it yourself, bring in your tire and we'll patch it up for you (if possible).

Tire Storage

Save valuable space and time and let us store your tires at our shop whenever you need a changeover.



The brakes need to be replaced after several thousand KM's. The rotors and the pads get replaced and a full service and lubrication are done on the caliper. However, the caliper might also need replacing if completely seized.

A/C & Heating

The A/C system uses Freon gas to cool the cabin. Freon levels should be checked to make sure the level is sufficient. Coolant going through the heater core causes warm air.

Oil & Fluids

Depending on your vehicle needs, a Regular or Synthetic Oil change is required every 5 to 8 thousand KM's. Other fluid changes are necessary for longer intervals.

Exhaust & Muffler

Equipped with Oxygen Sensors and Catalytic Converters, the exhaust is the path for all the fumes from the engine to be flushed out.


Together these parts maintain the control of your vehicle and affect tire wear. It reduces/absorbs all the movement caused by the road.

Engine & Components

An annual engine inspection ensures the longevity of all the moving components. Scheduled maintenance and repairs are the keys to a well-performing engine.

Wheel Alignment

A Four-Wheel Laser Alignment is recommended to be done once a year. Alignment comes out of spec with regular driving caused by bumps/potholes.


Whether automatic or standard, the transmission is a complex box consisting of gears with different ratios to provide the acceleration required.


It is important to replace non-working lights on your vehicle to ensure you and other drivers have full visibility of the surroundings while driving. It is a matter of safety and needs to be taken seriously.

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