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Your suspension links your wheels to your vehicle using a combination of shock absorbers, springs, and linkages. You will experience relative motion between your wheel and the vehicle’s body through suspension. If it isn’t working properly, you’ll feel a lot of bumps as well as a lack of stability.

Suspensions require attention and repairs because they can become misaligned over time due to collisions or big potholes, as well as accumulations of bumps and minor stresses. Even if you are a safe driver, this can happen. Even in the most ideal of circumstances, suspensions can go through a lot.

The suspension system’s ability to control motion and alignment angles can be affected by worn or loose parts. This can lead to vehicle handling problems and stability degradation, as well as increased tire wear. Your vehicle’s suspension system comprises of the following parts:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you apply the brakes, your vehicle takes a nosedive.
  • When you drive your vehicle down the road, it pulls to one side.
  • When you turn a corner, your vehicle can feel like it is drifting.
  • After hitting a bump or pothole in the road, your vehicle will continue to bounce.
  • Vehicle does not provide a smooth ride. 

You should be aware of four distinct sounds when it comes to your vehicle’s suspension system: creaking , grunting , rattling , and knocking . If you hear any of the above noises, contact TrilliTires to have the issue taken care of.

Improper wheel alignment could cause damage to your tires or the suspension system and make it difficult to control your vehicle. This can lead to your vehicle pulling in one direction while you drive. Bad shocks and struts can cause a decrease in their effectiveness overtime.

A high quality shock absorber will last for around five years. However, the life expectancy of it depends on many factors such as your driving style, how much you’ve driven and the type of roads you use.

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