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Road Knowledge – Choosing The Right Tires For The Season

Road Knowledge - Choosing The Right Tires For The Season

For other countries that are blessed with less harsh seasonal circumstances, this is a topic that may not be of much help or interest.  For us Canadians, we experience the worst kinds of winters known to man, so much so that our definitions of hot and cold weather are extreme in differences compared to others. With the possibilities of blizzards and heavy snowfall, car owners know the hassle of switching out their usual habits as the snow rolls in. Summer tires are not safe to be driving on iced-up roads and during snowfall. This is what gets people to go for a set of all-season tires to avoid the need to keep switching out all year round. 

You are probably wondering about the scoop on each tire type, and whether it would be a good fit for your car. As unfortunate as we Canadians are with extreme weather conditions all year round, we hope this guide will help you decide on a set of tires for your next visit to a tire shop:


Some Information On Summer Tires

Summer tires are engineered specifically to deliver the best performance for your car during summers where it is warmer and more forgiving. You may be thinking about what summer tires actually provide over other types, because yes, it is true that the goal of tires is to keep your car running, and safely on the road. 

This version of the tire is uniquely focused on ideal performance in only warm conditions in both dry and wet roads. Without needing to focus on seasonal differences such as icy roads and cold roads that have less traction, manufacturers can focus on getting the best performance characteristics for strictly summer-like conditions. 

The issue here is that these tires are not good for use when temperatures drop below zero. Because they are optimized for gripping warm asphalt and roads, a frozen road has less friction with the tires, which means the grip on summer versions will is significantly reduced. You will not be able to drive, and if you are able to gain speed, control will be limited. 


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The Rundown On All-Season Tires

Although all-season variants of the tire lack traction in warm weather, they make up for this in their performance diversity. While you can’t use these tires to hit the track if you are a car racing enthusiast, these can be used in both high temperature and sub-freezing conditions without needing to be swapped out. 

These can be used in light snow conditions but will be rendered quite useless during blizzards. If you live in a Canadian town with heavy snowfall and imminent blizzard conditions, you may have no choice but to invest in multiple sets of tires for your safety and mobility.  


Making The Choice

Consider what your individual driving conditions are, as you may not always have the same lifestyle when it comes to cars as another person you know. 

If you take short trips around your city during winter times, all-season tires can fit your car perfectly and still keep you safe all year round. If you constantly take trips out of town, consider driving on a set of summer tires for the summer, and a pair of winter tires for freezing conditions, as highways are always high speed. 

Remember that climates in southern areas of Canada differ from northern regions, so always consider a good set of tires depending on where you live.


Watch Summer vs Winter vs All Season – Fully Explained



Tire choices are supposed to be reflective of driving style and purpose. Always remember that tires operate using friction between rubber and the road to keep cars safely running at higher speeds. Winter cuts out the friction and heat energy that summers have with tires, so depending on how harsh the seasons are, you may need a separate set of tires to keep safe.

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