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Anti-Theft Hacks for Car Tires and Wheels

Anti-Theft Hacks for Car Tires and Wheels

A car’s tires and wheels shine brightly in the eyes of thieves. Not only is it easy to steal, but the expensive variants can reach up to thousands of dollars if thieves were to resell it. With a hefty price tag on its head, thieves are keen on stealing vehicle auto parts, like tires and wheels, on an unguarded spot. 

The unsettling fact remains that alarm systems don’t help in deterring thieves once they’ve set their eyes on the prize. Thieves with the experience and talent can easily take your wheels in a matter of minutes, which is enough time to pull off a successful looting operation. 


How do thieves steal your car tires and wheels?

Car parts thieves typically work in groups to expedite and streamline the whole process. First, they elevate the car to get the wheels off the ground. Then, there’s at least one thief for each tire who works to get it off the vehicle. 

Some groups can do the whole thing in under ten minutes. The fast time it takes for them to finish is enough to force every car owner to set-up preventive measures. When successfully done, it can lengthen the process of removing your wheels and tires which can discourage thieves.  

Once they are successful, however, the remnants of their operation leave you with a car that’s unable to take you anywhere. Without insurance, you’ll find yourself shelling out a lot of cash to get your vehicle back to its former glory since a tire change can get expensive.


Car Tire and Wheels Anti-theft Hacks 


  • As much as possible, park your vehicle in an enclosed area, preferably a garage that grants limited access. If that’s not possible, you can park in a populated area where high foot traffic is inevitable. Remember that with a lot of watchful eyes, thieves wouldn’t even dare commit an atrocious act.
  • For an extra layer of protection, you can opt to buy wheel-specific or tire-specific insurance in case the unwanted happens. In doing so, it protects you from the financial burden that comes after the theft. 
  • Invest in a reliable car alarm with wheel sensors. Car thieves might get scared by the roaring sirens and give up immediately. Your local auto parts or tire shop might have one. 
  • Before going out of your parked car, turn your wheels as it makes them hard to remove. A turned wheel stuck to your wheel crack is more difficult to remove. 
  • Invest in a trustworthy wheel lock for each tire, including your spare tire. Each wheel lock makes your wheels and tires challenging to remove without the corresponding key. Thieves would have to invest more than the usual amount of time to remove each tire successfully.


Car parts don’t come cheap. As such, a massive investment needs to remain in your possession so that you can enjoy every penny you spent on it. Aside from the added aesthetics and better performance, car wheels and tires often hold sentimental value, especially to owners who invested time and energy to find the perfect piece to add to their vehicle. 

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