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5 Common Signs That Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

5 Common Signs That Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

If you go to school or work almost every day, you’re probably using your car as your regular mode of transportation. As it’s constantly used on the road, it’s easy for your vehicle to get subjected to wear and tear over time. That’s why owning and running a car entails regular upkeep to ensure it’s in top shape and working condition.

A car tune-up should be a part of the regular preventive maintenance performed on your vehicle to ensure its optimal performance. Regular maintenance includes cleaning or replacing the spark plugs and the distributor cap and rotor on older cars. For the most part, you have to check your engine and charging systems to make sure they’re working properly.

There are a few signs indicating that you may need to have your car tuned up. Here are five common signs you should be wary of:


Misfiring engine

For the uninitiated, a misfiring engine occurs when the spark plugs ignite at the wrong time. The plugs might have already been damaged or fouled, causing them to spark inappropriately. The problem is that bad spark plugs can cause low fuel economy, difficulty in starting, and slow acceleration.


Dirty or clogged engine air filter

The air filter of your engine can get dirty, and if left neglected, it can get clogged. The problem is that dirty or clogged engine air filter can reduce acceleration and fuel economy. This is based on tests conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). You might see your car accelerating so slow over time.


Engine deposits

Using low-quality gasoline or having your gasoline contaminated can lead to engine deposits. These engine deposits can cause problems in driving, which restrict fuel delivery and trigger the engine to run lean. These can even lead to lean misfires, rough idle, hesitation, poor fuel economy, and increased HC emissions.


An illuminated check engine light

It’s easy to ignore an illuminated check engine light. However, this indicates that something is wrong with the emissions control system. Depending on the exact issues, this can also impact the fuel economy or engine performance. For instance, a faulty oxygen sensor affects the engine computer on how to set the air-fuel mixture, thereby causing a poor fuel economy.


Outdated oxygen sensor

Sure, an old oxygen sensor may still be working. However, this can trigger the check engine light, which can affect the fuel economy. Other factors that can impact engine performance include valves not seating properly, worn-out piston rings, or limitations in the exhaust system.


The five common symptoms mentioned above can indicate varied problems. For this reason, different causes ought to be determined in order to provide the proper remedy. That is where a professional mechanic comes into the picture. 

Head off to the nearest auto shop and have professionals diagnose the car problem. They can provide the right solution to any issue to get your car back to good performance.

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