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4 Reasons To Have Cold Air Intakes Installed On Your Car

4 Reasons To Have Cold Air Intakes Installed On Your Car

The common practice for auto manufacturers and auto repairs initially did not include intake systems, but forty years later, it has become the norm. The benefits of installing air intakes are undeniable, as they improve overall car performance, keep engines running as smoothly as possible, and increase fuel efficiency.

In the years following the monumental discovery, institutions have dedicated themselves to perfecting the engine enhancing technology. Millions have been invested in developing these cold air intakes, and for good reason. These innovative designs have helped further the automotive industry. 

To better understand why you need them, here are three ways these cold air intakes boost your ride:


1. They help boosts acceleration

This depends entirely on your type of vehicle, by cold air intakes add anywhere between five and twenty horsepower. Cold air intakes also help boost your engine’s responsiveness to acceleration, all by offering a denser air system for combustion. Through this process, your vehicle reaches your desired speed quickly. 


2. They’re inexpensive

Cold air intakes fall on the inexpensive side of modification, usually costing a few hundred dollars or less. They’re also easier to install than most engine modifications, which is why plenty opt to have them added. While it’s not the most powerful engine modification out there, they allow your engine to breathe. You could say that they function much like medicine.


3. They make your filters more efficient

Standard vehicles are usually made with stock intakes fitted with disposable paper filters. While these intake filters operate and get the work of catching excess debris done, they’ll eventually require replacement. Through an installation of a cold air intake, however, such frequent replacements won’t be necessary.

Cold air intakes come with filters that last much longer than the usual. They only need to be cleaned every 25,000 to 50,000 miles and will last you a long time. They’re an investment, but one that won’t take you back to repair shops more often than reasonable!


4. They allow you to maximize your fuel use

Most engines operate through a mixture of air and fuel, which creates combustion that powers the entire car. If your vehicle’s unable to deliver a sufficient amount of air, however, it will compensate by burning more fuel. Unfortunately, this also means burning more cash. The stock intake has been designed to keep your engine quiet rather than fuel-efficient, so opt to switch to a cold air intake. This will help you maximize your fuel, as well as keep your engine working as smoothly as possible. 


Truth be told, there are no downsides to switching to a cold air intake. Some car owners report that cold air intakes cause damage to mass airflow sensors, but such cases are usually isolated. This remains to be an urban myth, as 40 years of testing and development attests to the many benefits cold air intakes bring to your table. 

As a car enthusiast, do not hesitate to upgrade your ride with cold air intakes. You’ll be enjoying the better sound, acceleration, filtration, and fuel efficiency, all for an affordable price!


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