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4 Essential Benefits of Using OEM Parts for Auto Repairs

4 Essential Benefits of Using OEM Parts for Auto Repairs

Vehicles must undergo regular maintenance to detect potential issues that may hinder them from running smoothly. Aside from the typical oil change, maintenance visits also involve engine belt inspection, fluid flushes, and a general vehicle assessment to detect parts that are due for replacement. If these items are no longer working well, it’s best to use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts or the accurate replica of that part when it came out of the assembly line.

Though there are several replacement parts available in the market, using OEMs will ensure the car’s continuous optimal performance. Using factory-correct parts during repairs helps you avoid complications down the line. Likewise, aftermarket car parts may not perfectly fit the vehicle, making you burn more money in adjustments. 

That said, here are the most vital benefits of using OEM parts for car maintenance procedures.

Maintains Warranty

Do not jeopardize your warranty by using aftermarket parts. You may save some money at first but losing your warranty means that you must pay for succeeding repairs. Likewise, aftermarket items can cause more damage to your engine. You will ensure the safety of your vehicle by only using OEM parts.


Assurance of Quality

OEM parts undergo a rigid inspection process before being released in the market. Therefore, you have the assurance that every piece is of superior quality because of the tests done on them. Compare that to aftermarket items that are not subject to the same standards, making their quality questionable. Manufacturers of these parts use estimates to make replicas of the original, and it may not fit perfectly despite their calculations. Aftermarket parts are more of a band-aid solution instead of a permanent one.


Ease of Replacement

OEM parts fit perfectly in a specific car model without additional adjustments. In contrast, aftermarket manufacturers mass-produce car parts that fit multiple models to earn more significant profits. If OEM’s parts can easily fit in your vehicle, aftermarket parts are not because you must manipulate the space around the car part to make it fit.

This reality is not to go against aftermarket parts. After all, some of them end up being more efficient than OEM’s. Likewise, OEM availability can be scarce that aftermarket car items are the only answer. However, you can avoid the struggle that comes with car adjustments by sticking to the original parts.


Easier Insurance Claims

Insurance companies may point out your use of aftermarket car parts as the reason for non-payment, even if it’s not the root cause of the damage. You can prevent this hassle and patch up the loopholes that the insurer may throw at you by only using OEM parts.

OEM parts reduce maintenance times and retain your warranty. When it’s time for your vehicle to undergo a tune-up, choose auto repair shops that use OEM parts only. These high-quality replacement parts ensure your vehicle’s safety while driving and reduce the possibility of it breaking down.

Aside from OEM parts, give your vehicle the full maintenance it deserves by mounting a new set of tires. Worn out treads won’t give you enough traction to drive safely, and tires that are ideal for one season will not work in another. Because of this, purchasing summer or winter tires help you get the most from your vehicle.


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