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4 Advantages of Using a Local Auto Repair Shop

4 Advantages of Using a Local Auto Repair Shop

When it comes to car repairs, you have the option to either work with a dealer or a local auto repair shop. Many benefits come with the dealership, such as specialized technicians and brand authority, among others. However, your local mechanic outweighs the dealership service in terms of pricing and customer satisfaction. 

If you are still unconvinced, below are five valuable advantages of using a local auto repair shop.


Level of trust

One primary reason to work with a local repair shop is the level of trust that you will receive. Chances are, you may have brought your vehicle for servicing with a trusted and reputable local mechanic over the years. 

Trust is hard-earned, but once established, you’ll heavily rely on such service from the same respected company. As much as you believe in its services, from the diagnostics to the repairs themselves, you might want to take advantage as well of the loyalty discount programs offered by the repair shop. 

In the end, nothing beats the level of trust that you have already established with a local auto repair shop.


Local service

Another good reason to work with an auto repair shop is the ‘local’ aspect of it. The locality is a key factor when needing urgent repair or immediate solution. In this instance, local repair shops are more conveniently located when compared to dealerships. 

There is a wide range of repair services and a vast array of shops in your locality. If you have a minor repair, you can head to the nearest shop for a quick and easy solution. Even if your vehicle requires a major repair, there are bigger shops at your disposal. Also, there is a good chance that local repair shops will offer a variety of parts for your choosing. 

Having this option in times of need will be such a great convenience for you to deal with a local auto repair shop.


Aftermarket work 

The aftermarket work is one advantage that you can get from a local auto repair shop. An aftermarket part is any part for a vehicle that is not sourced from the car’s maker. This means that you’ll be able to modify your vehicle based on your own specifications and install parts you’ll purchase by yourself. This is because some companies make parts designed to function the same or even better than the original. 

Most dealerships won’t allow doing that, as they won’t risk installing aftermarket products that are not backed by the manufacturer. With a local auto repair shop, you have more flexibility regarding the installation of parts and repairs.


Labour cost

The labour cost is the biggest factor in choosing an auto repair shop over a dealership because of its affordability. If you work with a trusted local shop one, you’ll only have to shell out a small amount of money yet expect a quality fix for your vehicle needs. 

On the other hand, most mechanics at dealerships have specialized training provided by the manufacturer. For this reason, the dealership chargers a higher fee, passing on the labour expenses to the consumers themselves. 

There are good reasons to obtain the service of a local auto repair shop. The benefits mentioned above can attest to the valuable advantages of working with an auto shop. However, as the vehicle owner, you will decide as to how and where you will want the vehicle serviced.

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