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3 Common Reasons Your Car’s AC Isn’t Blowing Cold Air

3 Common Reasons Your Car's Air Isn't Blowing Cold Air

For many car owners, one of the worst experiences that they could ever have is to turn on the air conditioner for much-needed relief from the immense heat only to be blasted with hot air. 

Given that car air conditioners are synonymous with cold air, having the opposite result means that there’s a problem brewing under the hood (and in the cabin itself). Fortunately, treating the problem at hand can be easily done by taking your car to a reputable service provider, such as TrilliTires. However, one question remains:

Why isn’t your car’s air conditioner blowing as it should?

To better understand what’s happening to your car’s air conditioner and what’s preventing it from working as it should, here are three common reasons for the problem at hand:

You are running low on refrigerant

One of the most simple explanations as to why your AC unit isn’t working as well as it should is the probability that its refrigerant levels are running far lower than normal. This causes the AC to rather blow warm air into the cabin.

Technically speaking, the refrigerant your car uses (or Freon, as it’s alternatively called) is mainly responsible for cooling the air that’s circulated by its own air conditioner. When the current supply that the system has goes below recommended levels, the air it pumps outgrows warmer over time because it gradually restricts the compressor from cycling as much pressure as it should.

Aside from time and extended periods of use, low refrigerant levels can also be caused by any system leaks or component breakages. This means that topping off your supply won’t always be a surefire solution.

2. Your condenser is broken 

Similar to the AC unit you have at home, your car’s air conditioner depends on a condenser to pump out cool air to your satisfaction – making it a definite suspect if things go the other way around.

Over time, your condenser can go through much wear and tear that may end up limiting its ability to function properly that it may end up being completely damaged or blocked up. Generally, this particular problem can be traced back to a variety of potential causes, such as overheating and electrical faults or issues in the part’s own circuit or clutch. Should you suspect that your condenser is completely shot, it’s imperative that you have it replaced right away!

Your AC’s own system is restricted

Another common problem that may hold your air conditioner back from blowing cold air is a potential restriction in the form of blockages in the lines and vents of the entire system itself. When you drive your car as you normally would, the system in its AC unit is exposed to various debris, leaves, bugs, and dirt that will end up clogging your air filters. This can result in an eventual shutoff of all cold air and consistent airflow entirely.

No matter how complicated your car’s own AC system may be, it only takes basic knowledge to know what’s happening in its system and what you need to do so that any problem can be treated properly. This is especially true when it comes to a lack of cool air. Consider opting for auto repair services if the severity of the problem escalates.

If you are looking for an auto repair service or auto parts in Richmond Hill, Ontario, to treat your vehicle’s AC problem, get in touch with us today to see how we can help! 

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