Brand name Tires

At TrilliTires we sell a wide range of Brand name tires such as Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear and many more

Wide Variety of Rims

We carry all reputable Rim/wheel brand names that offer different styles, colours and qualities.

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We take care of all of your mechanical needs; everything under one-roof

Welcome to TrilliTires in Richmond Hill

TrilliTires was started by experts in the tire and wheel industry and soon expanded business to become a total care auto centre. There are over 50 years of experience and knowledge that go into the repair and maintenance of every vehicle that is looked after. All aspects of your vehicle are checked in a multi-step analysis when it is brought in for care. This helps to ensure the vehicle is running at optimal level and maximizes longevity. TrilliTires works with the most recognized and reputable tire and parts manufacturers to provide the most competitive prices while maintaining quality products and services.

TrilliTires offers reputable Brand Name tires

Tires are the first point of contact between your vehicle and the road, therefore it is crucial for drivers to invest in quality name tires to ensure safety and reliability. Just like any other brand name product that promises quality, brand name tires such as Michelin, Continental & Bridgestone offer a peace of mind for drivers when driving in any condition.

“The cheapest insurance is a set of good tires” 

We work with reputable brands such as

General Tire
Cooper Tire

our products

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We provide a wide range of brand name and in-house tires suited for your daily driving need

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We provide a wide variety of alloy wheels that brings out the best of your vehicle

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Need a part? We carry reputable automobile parts to ensure vehicle performance reliability

frequently asked questions

Where to find original vehicle tire size?

You can find your vehicle’s standard tire size on the sticker located by or on the driver side door panel. You can always contact TrilliTires for more information.

What‘s my vehicle’s standard tire pressure?

Standard vehicle tire pressure can also be found on the sticker located on the driver side door of the vehicle.

I cannot find my vehicle’s standard tire size?

If you cannot find your vehicle’s standard tire size and air pressure you can always contact us at 905-883-1118 and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Why should I use Winter Tires?

Winter tires are made from compounds that can remain elastic & soft when temperatures drop below zero degree Celsius. The tires have very deep sipes; these are the slits in the tire treads that cut through slush and water & improve the grip by avoiding hydroplaning.

When should I rotate my tires?

It is recommended that drivers rotate their tires every 10,000 KM to ensure that all 4 tires wear out evenly.

Why you shouldn’t only install 2 Winter tires?

By only installing 2 Winter tires either on the front or rear drivers can experience problems with steering, handling & Braking which can be quite dangerous on snow & icy roads.

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